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Casa da Japoneira - Living Room


Alojamento Local / Local Accommodation


Casa da Japoneira - Location

Casa da Japoneira is located on the planes of the parish of Feteira, 5 km to the west of the town of Horta and 6 km to the east of the airport.

The island occupies 173 km 2 and has around 15.000 inhabitants. Valleys and volcanic cones compose the landscape of this island, having its highest point at Cabeço Gordo with an altitude of 1031m. Next to it there is the enormous crater – The Caldeira.

Azores Map

Faial, like the other islands, is related to earthquakes and volcanoes, and it was precisely on Faial that the last eruption took place – the Capelinhos Volcano - in 1957/58.

Capelinhos Volcano

To see how the monitoring and registration of these events work, we advise you a visit to the Meteorological Institute Prince Albert of Monaco at Horta.

Faial is located in the central group of the Azores archipelago. It is separated from Pico Island by a water channel of 8 km and is at the distance of 30 km from S. Jorge.


Departing from Horta, in a 15 minute boat trip, you can visit Pico Island, and climb to Portugal's highest point if the Azores High allows it. On the neighbour island of S. Jorge you can taste its famous cheese and visit the "fajãs".

Marine of Horta

The Gulf Stream and the Azores High influence the climate of the Azores, originating mild air and sea temperatures almost all year long.

Click here to see the road map between the Airport and Casa da Japoneira

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